Tactical Finance is a quant trading research initiative that explores capital markets to create fully-automated, algorithmic & high‑yielding trading strategies.


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Who We Are

Tactical Finance was born out of a single vision: to use a common-sense approach in order to create automated, quantitative trading strategies that maximize risk-adjusted returns.

We engage in quantitative research & development that translates into fully-automated, algorithmic trading strategies – which we may then publish and make them available for investors looking to expand their portfolios.

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Any Market. Any Style

Our trading strategies are based on quantifiable, statistical models and are focused on highly liquid instruments with predominantly short-term positions.

“We will explore every market and do whatever it takes to generate Alpha.”

While many of our strategies are momentum-based, we also trade volatility, mean-reversion, seasonal-based trends and arbitrage strategies that trade liquid markets, including Equities, ETFs, Futures, Forex, and Cryptocurrencies.

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Technology at the Core

Trading today's markets requires cutting-edge technology at all stages – from market data processing and idea research through strategy implementation and execution. That's why we've placed technology at the core of how we approach trading, and why we consider ourselves technologists as much as traders.

“We're constantly looking for market anomalies that can be exploited across various markets to find Alpha.”

The process we use to turn ideas into tradable alrogithmic strategies starts with describing it with a quantitative formula or a qualitative criterion.

Next, we use historical data to find out if the hypothetical anomaly appears in the price curve of the assets we want to trade in a process known as backtesting. If it does, we write an algorithm that generates the trading signals, and we start trading using "paper money".

When a strategy is proven to be robust and performs well over time, we can start trading it in-house and may license it to outside investors.

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